Tracking the Storm
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Guy Behind the Guy: My Brother Michael

Thursday, 05.21.2009 / 2:56 PM ET / Tracking the Storm
By Mike Sundheim
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Guy Behind the Guy: My Brother Michael
So pretty much since the beginning of the year, Chuck Kaiton has joked about how Canes goaltender Michael Leighton looks like he could be my brother. Others have joined in this game, which is usually reinforced when autograph seekers across the continent approach me as “Mr. Leighton.” I’ve had fans say, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Michael Leighton?” And even a few media-types comment on the resemblance.

Mike Sundheim
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My typical response has been “Why, because we are tall and have dark hair?” But after this morning, I am not sure I can use that one anymore.

When I got off the elevator this morning, I heard someone call out, “Mike” as I turned toward the lobby. As most gentlemen who share my first name may agree, I don’t always immediately turn around in a crowded room at the first “Mike.” But when the second one came, I turned my head to see who it was. I didn’t recognize the woman, so I assumed it must have been someone else she was calling.

It turns out it was someone else she was calling, but it also turns out she thought that person was me. After the skate today, Michael Leighton asked me if I heard someone calling my name in the lobby this morning. He had heard the story and he knew who that person was. It was, in fact, a case of her misidentifying me for him.

“That was my mother.”

I guess when our mothers start mixing us up, I can’t really argue with Chuck’s “brother” commentary anymore. In Mrs. Leighton’s defense, it was both from a distance and from behind. But still an ironic turn in a season-long punch-line.

Here are some more “Signs of the Times.” As always, feel free to post your own photos to the Hurricanes Facebook page, or contact me below to get an address to send them to.

Our own Mari Jeter snapped this photo from Bailey’s in Cameron Village:

Canes Media Relations intern extraordinaire Stacy Wells took this photo at Chik-Fil-A on Capital Boulevard:

I took this one of one of the signs pointing the way at RDU Aiport:

Patty Jaspar sent the photo below, from the baked goods area of Lowe's Foods in Apex:

Media Alerts: Among the interesting people you can hear on Raleigh local radio shows this afternoon are Wally Tatomir (On 99.9 FM) and Chuck Kaiton (on 850 The Buzz)… Sorry I haven’t exactly kept up with these updates… It’s that time of year.

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