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Guy Behind the Guy: Fun with Twitter

Wednesday, 07.29.2009 / 11:31 AM ET / Tracking the Storm
By Mike Sundheim
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Guy Behind the Guy: Fun with Twitter
Mike Sundheim
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When we started our @nhl_canes twitter feed, we saw it as yet another way to connect with our fan base, keeping Caniacs up to date on the comings, goings and changes of their favorite team. As of this morning, nearly 2,400 people follow our twitter feed, with another 22,000 getting the updates via our “friend” and “fan” pages on Facebook.

When my first child was born nearly eight weeks ago, I similarly figured that Twitter would be a fun way to keep my immediate family and closest friends up to date with the comings, goings and changes of our favorite little guy. So along with Franklin’s birth came the creation of his own Twitter feed.

Those of you who subscribe to the @nhl_canes feed already know why I am writing this: the day finally arrived today when I managed to mix up the twitter feeds. I pretty much expected it to happen, since I frequently bounce back and forth between giving Canes fans the latest news on transactions and media alerts and giving my parents the latest news on Franklin’s play mat adventures. But since there are a number of us here updating @nhl_canes, I figured I would fess up on the sign-in mix-up. It was in fact I who told the world that today marked the first time the Hurricanes have worn socks.

Regardless, I hope those of you who did get the update before it was struck from the record at least enjoyed a confused chuckle. No, neither “socks” nor “daycare” are super-secret hockey operations code words. Just the result of the PR guy’s morning coffee not yet kicking in. Though, I have to say that based on some of my other Franklin tweets, it probably could have been worse.

Mix-ups aside, if you have Twitter and aren’t yet following @nhl_canes (and are enough of a fan that you read the PR guy’s blog), you should absolutely add it to your “following” list. Fans who were following us last week were the first to find out that we had signed Tuomo Ruutu, and that we had re-acquired Aaron Ward. In addition, it is a much easier and faster way to make folks aware of upcoming Canes media and public appearances.

Not to mention sock-wearing milestones.

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