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Community: The Latest Happenings in Community Relations

Wednesday, 06.16.2010 / 2:14 PM ET / Tracking the Storm
By Kristina Boyce
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Community: The Latest Happenings in Community Relations
Canes for a Cure

On Saturday, 25,000 people participated in the 2010 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Raleigh.  The front of the Meredith College campus was full of sponsor tents, team tents, vendors, and the Carolina Hurricanes inflatables (in the Kid Zone).  Participants filled Hillsborough Street as the competitive 5K began at 7:00am. 

We began the race shoulder to shoulder.  I was surrounded by runners with pink signs on their backs stating that they were running in memory or in celebration of a loved one.  There was a girl about my age in front of me with a sign that said, “In Memory of my Mom”.  That is when I truly understood and realized the impact of this race.   It wasn’t just a 3.1 mile race on a Saturday morning; it was a race to fight breast cancer until the end.

The Canes for a Cure team had 33 team members at the race participating in either the competitive 5K or the recreational 5K.  As of today, we have raised $3,475.  Our fundraising efforts are not over yet! We have until July 9th to raise money for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure-Triangle Affiliate.  Please click here to donate to our team.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the race on Saturday and for every donation that has been made to our team.  As a team we have helped Susan G. Komen for the Cure get one step closer to ending breast cancer forever.

Tripp to Easley Elementary

Last week, I had the opportunity to listen to another Tripp Tracy keynote speech at Easley Elementary School’s fifth grade graduation. Tripp, a graduate from Harvard University, definitely knows how to lead a charge. He was able to translate messages from his life, hockey, and the “real world” to those much younger than him, which is no easy task.

No surprise to anyone else, life is all about choices. Tripp encouraged the rising 6th graders to make the right choice… to step back from every situation, think about your options and potential consequences, and then make the best decision. He emphasized the importance of surrounding yourself with good people like friends and family, especially parents. He then reeled through every single one of his elementary school teachers with no hesitation and expressed the important role teachers have in your life. Then, the TV color analyst kept to his personality when he had the audience laughing at his middle school presidential campaign slogan “let it rip, vote for Tripp” (you can only imagine what embarrassing story came next… hint: think about what the saying “let it rip” usually involves). On a more serious note, Tripp wrapped up his speech by encouraging the youngsters to make a permanent impact in the world. He referenced Hollywood Walk of Fame, and explained that each student in the room has the opportunity and time to leave a legacy.

I definitely came away from the graduation motivated to be a change in the world. I was able to travel back to fifth grade (I remember my teacher was Mrs. West) and think about myself then and where I am now. It was an enjoyable trip back in time for me, and Tripp painted a perfect motivational picture for the graduating Easley Elementary Eagles.

Deep River Elementary PUBAR Assembly

On June 8th, we took a trip to Sanford to host a Pick Up a Book and Read Assembly at Deep River Elementary.  What an assembly to remember! Deep River Elementary school is the 2009-2010 Pick Up a Book and Read top school.  The school had 15 classrooms and 228 (3rd, 4th, and 5th grade) students participate in the program.  All together, they read 576,416 pages.

Ron the Ref and Stormy joined us for our third and final Pick Up a Book and Read assembly this year.  The students filled the gymnasium and were psyched to meet our in-game host and our favorite mascot.  The kids chanted “Ron the Ref” at a piercing level until he appeared from another room. 

Ron and Stormy were the hosts (and entertainment) of the assembly and did an exceptional job of congratulating the students for their accomplishment.  Students were able to participate in trivia questions and an equipment relay race.  The top classroom, grade, and school readers were all recognized and presented with Carolina Hurricanes gift bags.

We hope to surpass this year’s numbers of 50 participating schools and 2,190 students. The Pick Up a Book and Read program will be back full force in the Fall! 




1 WSH 51 38 9 4 166 114 80
2 FLA 53 31 16 6 143 118 68
3 NYR 53 30 18 5 150 135 65
4 TBL 52 29 19 4 138 123 62
5 BOS 52 28 18 6 151 137 62
6 DET 53 27 18 8 133 131 62
7 PIT 52 27 18 7 138 132 61
8 NYI 51 27 18 6 143 127 60
9 NJD 54 26 21 7 120 122 59
10 CAR 54 24 21 9 130 142 57
11 MTL 54 26 24 4 143 143 56
12 OTT 54 25 23 6 153 166 56
13 PHI 51 23 19 9 121 133 55
14 BUF 53 21 26 6 120 139 48
15 TOR 51 19 23 9 117 140 47
16 CBJ 54 21 28 5 135 168 47


J. Faulk 54 15 19 -13 34
J. Skinner 54 19 12 -3 31
V. Rask 52 12 19 0 31
J. Staal 54 12 19 8 31
K. Versteeg 53 10 21 1 31
E. Staal 54 9 21 0 30
E. Lindholm 54 8 16 -9 24
A. Nestrasil 47 7 12 0 19
J. Nordstrom 43 5 9 2 14
R. Hainsey 54 3 11 -11 14
C. Ward 15 11 6 .908 2.38
E. Lack 9 10 3 .901 2.74
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