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Gale Force, NC State Reach Scheduling Agreement

Deal outlines process during NC State’s annual athletic calendar

Friday, 10.04.2013 / 5:30 PM / News
By Terrell Williams
RALEIGH, NC – Jim Rutherford, President of Gale Force Holdings, L.P., and Randy Woodson, Chancellor of NC State University, today announced a new agreement to establish guidelines for the scheduling process at PNC Arena. Rutherford and Woodson have each signed a document outlining procedures for scheduling during NC State’s annual athletic calendar, which runs from the last week of August through the second week of March.

The guidelines set forth include:

  • Gale Force will not schedule events on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays during the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) basketball season (January through the second week of March) prior to the release of the ACC basketball schedule.
  • No later than Nov. 1 of each year, NC State will release all but three Fridays from the final week of August through the second week of March for the following academic year. For example, on Nov. 1, 2013, NC State will release 24 of the 27 Fridays from Aug. 29, 2014-March 8, 2014. Gale Force will then have until July 15 of the following year to schedule events on those Fridays. After July 15, the Fridays not used by Gale Force will be released back to NC State as available for basketball.
  • No later than Nov. 15 of each year, Gale Force will provide to NC State all dates that Gale Force proposes to submit to the National Hockey League (NHL) as preferred game dates for the following NHL season. NC State will communicate Gale Force’s preferred dates to the ACC, and will copy Gale Force on that communication. If at any point the ACC identifies a potential conflict with a Gale Force preferred date, the ACC will notify NC State immediately, and NC State will communicate the conflict to Gale Force such that the date will not be requested to the NHL.
  • No later than May 15 of each year, NC State will release all unbooked dates from the last week of August through Dec. 31. This will allow Gale Force to submit its final schedule request for Carolina Hurricanes games to the NHL by June 1. Following the release of the Hurricanes’ schedule, all remaining open dates during that time period will be released to NC State in order to develop its final non-conference basketball schedule. If at any time during the period between May 15 and the release of the NHL schedule, NC State wishes to confirm a non-conference basketball date, it will inform Gale Force, and Gale Force will immediately release the date to NC State, provided it is not among those dates requested by Gale Force to the NHL and Gale Force does not already have a non-Hurricanes event booked on that date.
  • At Gale Force’s request, NC State will release up to three days from Nov. 1-April 1 for Gale Force to schedule major single-day events grossing in excess of $500,000. Gale Force must have final confirmation of these events, as evidenced by the event promoter setting an on-sale date for the event, no later than six months prior to the event date. Gale Force may schedule no more than one major single-day event within any 30-day period.
  • Each year, NC State will release five consecutive days during the fall semester exam period in December for Gale Force to schedule Disney on Ice.
  • Each year, NC State will release 7-10 consecutive days for Gale Force to schedule the Ringling Brothers Circus in February. Gale Force will notify NC State of the dates no later than July 15 of the prior year.




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2 x - NYR 82 45 31 6 218 193 96
3 x - PHI 82 42 30 10 236 235 94
4 x - CBJ 82 43 32 7 231 216 93
5 WSH 82 38 30 14 235 240 90
6 NJD 82 35 29 18 197 208 88
7 CAR 82 36 35 11 207 230 83
8 NYI 82 34 37 11 225 267 79


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J. Skinner 71 33 21 -14 54
A. Sekera 74 11 33 4 44
A. Semin 65 22 20 1 42
J. Staal 82 15 25 2 40
J. Faulk 76 5 27 -9 32
N. Gerbe 81 16 15 -6 31
J. Tlusty 68 16 14 2 30
R. Nash 73 10 14 0 24
P. Dwyer 75 8 14 -2 22
A. Khudobin 19 14 1 .926 2.30
C. Ward 10 12 6 .898 3.06